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Understanding IPS Panels and Their Uses

IPS panels are the secret to a sleek, clean-looking washroom set up. When used effectively, the user will hardly notice they are there - but they certainly notice when they’re missing. IPS panels are an integral part of your bathroom, particularly for maintaining hygiene standards, but what exactly are they? 

IPS is short for integrated plumbing system - namely, this refers to the concealment of all the pipes, cisterns, and mains services, usually within a small void behind your washroom equipment such as toilets and sinks

In this guide, we’ll explain the impact of IPS panels, and why they should be a crucial aspect of your washroom planning. 

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How Do IPS Panels Work? 

IPS Panels create a false wall. Behind the panel, all pipes and systems that are critical for the functionality of your toilets, sinks, urinals or showers are hidden. This creates a neater look, covering all your pipework and creating a flat appearance to your bathroom. 

Your IPS panels can be easily removed if required, allowing access to the pipework for any important maintenance or problem-solving if things aren’t working as intended. They are usually made of laminate, due to its water-resistant properties. This means they won’t weaken or change shape over time due to exposure to moisture. 

How IPS Panels Can Improve Hygiene

IPS Panels aren’t just about form. They provide an important function in maintaining the hygiene of your washroom. 

IPS panels reduce the surface area exposed to the bathroom at large. Providing one flat surface to disinfect and wipe down makes the sanitisation process simpler by eliminating hard-to-reach nooks and crannies that exist with exposed pipework, as well as protecting the systems that it conceals. 

IPS panels are beneficial in public washrooms, protecting your bathroom equipment in the event of accidental damage or vandalism. 

Where to Use IPS Panels

IPS panels are incredibly versatile and can be used to conceal the piping in toilet cubicles, washbasins, and wash troughs. Particularly relevant in hospital and healthcare settings due to the increased hygiene levels they offer, the benefits of IPS panels make them an ideal solution for any washroom setting looking to improve its aesthetic.

IPS panels don’t have to be full wall height and can be used effectively to create ledges that provide the opportunity to further decorate your bathroom. 

We recommend utilising the services of a plumbing professional to fit and maintain any IPS panels. This will both prolong the life of your panels and ensure they adhere to safety guidelines. 

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Want more information on IPS Panels, or have other washroom concerns you’d like to discuss? Get in touch with our team for further advice on how to create a hygienic, attractive bathroom environment. 

Posted by Paul Thorn
12th April 2024

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