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Infra Red Taps

Infrared operated taps with mains or battery operation. Sensor taps are designed to work when the users hands are placed into the washing area and stop when the users hands are removed. The infra-red operation is both hygienic because the user never touches the tap, and saves water with the automatic shut off feature. Whilst sensor operated taps can be slightly more expensive they offer a better user experience, better hand hygiene, conserve water and offer a more up to date experience for the modern wash room. Sensor operated taps are popular with the solid surface wash trough range where they compliment the products up to date appearance and style.

View our range of infrared sensor taps below

Infrared Angled Basin Tap image

Infrared Angled Basin Tap

Sensor operated no touch angled basin tap Battery or mains power supply

£195.00 (exc VAT)

Product Code DST

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Infrared Wall Mounted Spout image

Infrared Wall Mounted Spout

Sensor operated wall mounted spout tap with battery or mains power supply

£259.00 (exc VAT)

Product Code IRBS

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Infra Red Sensor Tap image

Infra Red Sensor Tap

Infrared sensor operated wash basin tap with battery and mains power supply

£199.00 (exc VAT)

Product Code S1D

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Nursery Sensor Tap image

Nursery Sensor Tap

Infrared nursery school childrens tap

£399.00 (exc VAT)

Product Code NSTAP

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Dyson Tap and Hand Dryer image

Dyson Tap and Hand Dryer

Combined tap and hand dryer from Dyson in 3 different versions.

£1349.00 (exc VAT)

Product Code DYS-TAP

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TMV3 Thermostatic Mixing Valve image

TMV3 Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Thermostatic TMV3 mixing valve for safe supply of hot water

£52.00 (exc VAT)

Product Code TMV3

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