Other Hospital Equipment

Specimen pass through cabinets, sharps boxes and physiotherapy stairs made to order.

Specimen Pass Through Cabinet image

Specimen Pass Through Cabinet

Partition Wall Mounted

£199.00 (exc VAT)

Product Code SSP-SPC

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Sharps Box Wall Mounted Stainless Steel image

Sharps Box Wall Mounted Stainless Steel

Stainless steel wall mounted sharps disposal box
2 Litre

£99.00 (exc VAT)

Product Code SHARPS

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Bariatric Toilet image

Bariatric Toilet

Bariatric heavy weight bearing toilet with exposed or concealed cistern
In stock

£1095.00 (exc VAT)

Product Code BAR

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Physiotherapy Training Stairs image

Physiotherapy Training Stairs

Stainless Steel

£1599.00 (exc VAT)

Product Code SSP-PSTAIRS

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Bed Pan Cleaner image

Bed Pan Cleaner

Wall mounted bed pan cleaner with valve, hose and sprayhead

£239.00 (exc VAT)

Product Code BPC1

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