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Baby Changing Tables: Everything You Need to Know

Fold-down Baby Change Tables: What You Need to Know

We have a range of baby changing tables for sale, and supply them to various businesses, public buildings, restaurants, retail outlets and leisure centres all over the UK.

As such, we’re well-versed in talking customers through the ABC’s of commercial baby changing units, and have a wealth of knowledge to share.

In this article, we’ll outline the best materials to look out for, what type of units are best suited to different settings, safety considerations to be aware of, installation tips and maintenance advice.

So if you want to create a family-friendly environment that leaves parents thinking you’re top of the tots, read on for our recommendations.

Best baby changing unit guidance


You can find stainless steel units for sale, which some facilities managers prefer due to their hard-wearing nature. However, these will definitely require changing mats or bed liners to be used while changing, as the steel surface is too cold for little ones.

The range that we stock are made from polyethylene, a type of high-density plastic that has antimicrobial qualities; this makes it the ideal material for the job in hand, as it promises to prevent the spread of stain-causing and odorous bacteria, negating any risk of cross-contamination.

Polyethylene is also incredibly easy to clean, which will be a relief to parents who know that - no matter how skilled and experienced you may be - accidents can happen, and babies can leave their mark in the most unlikely of places.

Fold-down types

Vertical fold-down baby changing tables are available, but they take up more space when in use, with the length of the table extending out into the room.

We find horizontal fold-down tables to be more popular, and the space saving nature is a big factor, with only the width of the table opening out into the room.

There’s also an argument that horizontal tables are safer, as only one side is exposed to the rest of the room, with the other side securely fitted onto the wall.

This is why we only sell horizontal fold-down baby changing units.

Installation guidelines

Installation is like taking candy from a baby, but you’ll need to purchase appropriate wall mounting fixings from your hardware supplier. (If you’d like further advice on this, our team will be happy to help so please get in touch.)

There is no regulated height at which units must be installed, but there seems to be a general consensus that the changing surface should be between 730mm-750mm from the ground. This is approximately waist height for the majority of people, and will therefore allow for easy changing.

If in a communal washroom, be sure to also place the unit to allow sufficient space for people to pass by, and use a spirit level to guarantee horizontal fitting,

Once fitted, open and close the table repeatedly to check for fluid motion. The mechanism should enable easy opening with one hand.

Place a weight of 25 kg on the changing table to check for stability and no signs of it coming away from the wall. Once satisfied that it’s safe to operate, tightly install the hole plugs over the mounting screws.


It’s essential to regularly clean your unit using warm water and a mild form of antibacterial detergent. It should then be rinsed with clean water and dried.

You should also periodically check for signs of wear and tear, thoroughly testing the unit to ensure it is not coming loose from the wall.  

If your unit comes equipped with bed liners, ensure they’re sufficiently stocked to avoid unhygienic practices and angry parents.

Most folding baby changing tables come with safety straps, giving parents peace of mind that their little one won’t be able to wriggle away. Be sure to thoroughly wipe these down as well. They should be PVC-coated for easy cleaning.

Extra considerations

We’d recommend buying units that come with inbuilt hooks, allowing parents to keep clothing and bags within easy reach. These relatively small details make all the difference, and the easier your facilities are to use, the more likely you are to achieve repeat custom.

You should also consider purchasing a small toddler seat for your baby changing room, allowing a sibling to wait comfortably while the baby is being changed.

Where to buy baby changing units?

If you’re looking for wall mounted baby changing tables, you’ve come to the right place. This folding baby change table is our best seller and ticks all the boxes for most customers.

If you’d like further advice on our range of washroom accessories, please give our friendly team a call on the number below. We’re more than happy to answer any questions and have a wealth of knowledge on all things washware, so feel free to pick up the phone anytime.  

Posted by Paul Thorn
21st December 2018

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