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Installers Guide: How To Place And Install Any Hand Dryer

Installer’s Guide: How to Install a Hand Dryer

So you’ve purchased a hand dryer (or dryers) - now it’s time for installation. Hard wiring the hand dryer into the electrical supply should only be carried out by a qualified electrician - but before that, you’ll need to decide where and how high your units will be mounted. Read on to find out more. Otherwise, if you’re still debating what sort of hand dryer you should get, then head over to our hand dryer buyer’s guide.


When deciding where to put your hand dryers, it’s best to think of the layout of your washroom as a whole. Consider the flow of traffic through the room; you want to avoid putting the dryer in a place that would mean the user would have to cut across the flow of people entering the room, for example.

Don’t place the hand dryer too far from the sink; by reducing the distance the user has to travel, you’ll be able to minimise the amount of water that drips onto the floor from their hands.

If possible, you should also install the dryer at least a metre away from reflective surfaces such as walls and mirrors. This will prevent the sound of the hand dryer from echoing around the room.

Mounting height

When it comes to mounting height, you should consider who will be using your washroom. If it’s an office, then adult heights should suffice, while schools will require children’s height. In public conveniences, you should provide a range of installation heights to suit all of your potential users.

Hands-under dryers

Hands-under dryers such as the Biodrier Eco Hand Dryer or Biodrier Biolite High Speed Hand Dryer should be installed at the following heights:

- Male washroom: 1170mm
- Female washroom: 1120mm
- Ages 4-7: 810mm
- Ages 7-10: 910mm
- Ages 10-13: 1020mm
- Ages 13-17: 1120mm
- Disabled facilities: 940mm

All of these measurements are from the air outlet of the hand dryer to the floor.

Hands-in dryers

For hands-in dryers such as the Biodrier Business 2 High Speed Hand Dryer or Biodrier Executive High Speed Hand Dryer, use the following installation heights:

- Male washroom: 1050mm
- Female washroom: 975mm
- Children’s washroom: 875mm
- Disabled facilities: 875mm

The above measurements are from the top of the unit to the floor.

Step by step

Warning: the following work should ONLY be carried out by a qualified electrician. Ensure that the electrical supply has been disconnected before commencing work.

  1. Make sure the power supply breaker is switched off. Mark the location of mounting holes and wire service entry on the wall where the dryer will be installed.

  2. Remove the cover of the hand dryer, making sure to retain any screws.

  3. Connect supply wires to the terminal block where indicated and connect the ground wire to the base plate using the ground screw.

  4. Connect the live wire to the terminal marked ‘L’

  5. Connect the neutral wire to the terminal block marked ‘N’

  6. Replace the cover and mount the dryer to the wall via the mounting holes

Please note that these are general instructions only; always consult the manufacturer’s instructions.

Posted by Paul Thorn
14th August 2018

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