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How to create a multi-faith washroom

As the UK continues to make positive changes towards an inclusive future, more and more companies are looking to implement multi-faith washrooms.

Why are multi-faith washrooms important?

Employers, schools, and councils have a duty to give individuals of different faiths the ability to undertake their religious practices, and this can be as simple as providing specific facilities in bathrooms.

Unfortunately, many corporate bodies are still unaware that some religions demand ablution before prayer and don’t realise their facilities are not suitable for this, meaning those wishing to pray are often forced to use hand basins instead.

But updating washrooms can be easy and Washware Essentials is here to make the transition to a modern, multi-faith washroom as simple as possible.

How to create a multi-faith washroom

Wudu foot-washing trough provides for the washing of hands, the face, and feet during the ablutions before Islamic prayer. The sleek design of Wudu foot-washing troughs minimises the potential for splash-back (which can invalidate Wudu and mean the process must be repeated), a common problem with typical washrooms.

The Wudu ablution takes about three minutes and Washware Essentials now provides foot wash troughs that can accommodate up to three users at once with a Triple Wudu Foot Wash Trough, reducing wait times and keeping facilities running efficiently.

What are the benefits of multi-faith washrooms?

Colleges and universities are more likely to have a larger number of different religions on campus, but many international students will select schools based on their multi-faith provisions. Incorporating multi-faith washrooms can be a strong marketing tool to recruit more overseas students.

The same can be said of businesses in the commercial sector in high multi-faith or student-populated areas, as well as companies looking to provide a more inclusive working environment for their employees.

In today’s exciting, multi-cultural society, we're committed to delivering on the values of diversity that are at the heart of our organisations. Providing Wudu washing facilities is a huge step towards achieving this equality.

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If you have, or are looking to grow, a diverse workforce or visitor base, you should browse our collection of stainless-steel Wudu foot-washing troughs.

Each model is complete with a single press button time flow non-concussive tap for pre-mixed water supply to reduce wastage. They are available in three sizes and come in stainless steel; Single Wudu Foot Wash Trough for one, Double Wudu Foot Wash Trough for two users or a Triple Wudu Foot Wash Trough for upto three users, as well as a solid surface Wudu Foot wash trough which can come in a choice of 14 colours!

2nd January 2024

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