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Creating a Covid-safe washroom

With commercial restrictions now fully lifted across almost the entire United Kingdom, attention has turned to how businesses can best combat coronavirus in small ways. Whilst vaccination has allowed a return to near-normalcy, testing positive can still mean missing work for days, if not weeks.

For this reason, and many others, you must make your on-site facilities, including your washrooms, safe for both staff and customers.

All of the following measures must be as accessible as possible and accommodate the wide spectrum of disabilities and circumstances that visitors to your business might encompass.

Wash troughs

Wash troughs already promote a small level of distance in the washroom, but many businesses throughout the pandemic would section them off where appropriate to ensure people washing their hands could keep six feet apart.  This may mean investing in more wash troughs to compensate for the limited capacity that would result.

Foot-operated bottle filler units

If your washroom typically has a water fountain or similar structure near the entrance, you may wish to replace it with a more germ-free alternative, namely a foot-operated bottle filler station for no touch, easy bottle filling.  This follows a similar ethos to hands-free taps and hand dryers, letting people fill up their bottles without worrying about cross contamination between users.

Soap dispensers

On the topic of germs, no washroom can class itself as hygienic without a soap dispenser. These are vital if you want to maintain a healthy business – these dispensers tend to do more work to dispel germs than rinsing your hands alone.

Of course, you can go for a touch-free option that uses infrared sensors to deposit soap directly into the hands of your patrons and the automatic no touch soap dispenser is an excellent addition to your covid-safe washroom that many businessess choose.

Freestanding washbasins

For more help with washing hands, you might also want to employ an additional freestanding wash basin; it never hurts to have more ways for your visitor to wash their hands.

This might also be especially useful if the wash troughs are fully in use or otherwise a bit crowded.

A Covid-safe washroom for your business

There is much you can do to reduce the spread of coronavirus at your business. 

Reducing points of contact is a common theme and one that can help us avoid illnesses other than Covid in any year. Thus, creating a Covid-safe washroom with the right washroom essentials could be a long-term commitment to the health of everyone in your building.

Get in touch with our friendly and professional team here at Washware Essentials today for all your sanitary ware requirements for your covid-safe washroom.

2nd January 2024

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