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Marnic Water Watch Urinal Flush Controller

Marnic Water Watch Urinal Flush Controller

Marnic Water Watch Urinal Flush Controller

Product Code MWW

Every urinal cistern can and will waste an incredible amount of water. The Marnic Water Watch provides an intelligent solution to end this waste and reduce your water bills. The sophisticated automatic control system can be installed in minutes and give years of trouble free service. The Marnic Water Watch system will reduce your water bills whilst maintaining a high level of hygiene at all times.


Urinal cisterns flush each time the cistern fills, often more than three times an hour, even when your building is unoccupied at night or closed for holidays. Most of this expensive water goes to waste. The Marnic Water Watch system detects when the facility has been used allows the cistern to fill which then flushes the urinal in the normal way. An additional feature ensures that during long periods of inactivity, weekends and holidays, the urinal is flushed at least once every 12 or 24 hours as selected. In this way the hygiene flush keeps the urinals clean and fresh even when the building is unattended.

  • Low cost. In only a few months you will have recovered the cost of the system and then continue to enjoy significant savings on your bill year after year. Up to 90% water savings.
  • Battery or mains power operation.
  • Duracell 4.5v battery with battery low power indicator. (On battery models).
  • White enamelled steel case. Small and unobtrusive the vandal resistant design is unlikely to attract any unwanted attention.
  • Easy to install, calibrate and set up.
  • Maintenance flush can be set at 12 or 24 hours for inactive periods.
  • WRC approved solenoid valve.
  • Microprocessor based design and quartz crystal clock control provide reliability.
  • From stock usually 3 to 5 working days.
  • Battery powered.
  • Mains powered.

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