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Jet Towel Hand Dryer

Jet Towel Hand Dryer

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300mm wide
219mm front to back
670mm high


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Jet Towel Hand Dryer
  • Jet Towel Hand Dryer

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Jet Towel Hand Dryer

Product Code MIT-JTHD

Amazingly quiet at 56dB (operating at standard speed)!2dB improvement over previous model and astronger front and back panels for greater impact resistance

Amazingly quick and quiet hand dryers. The noise of a hand dryer can be very distracting, especially in quiet environments such as offices, schools, or hotels. Leave it to Mitsubishi Electric to design products that not only dry hands quickly, but do it quietly as well. Over 20 years of experience, numerous design improvements, and new technological developments have led to the quietest Jet Towels yet. A mere 56dB when using the standard speed setting, the Slim model is even quieter than an average conversation!
Comfortable use for anyone. People come in all shapes and sizes. From small children and adults to those in wheelchairs, Jet Towels can accommodate any user. Hand drying areas are large and roomy, and air speeds are kept at a reasonable level for comfortable drying. Who would want their hands blown against a dryer wall?
Energy efficient too! As the pioneer of high-speed hand drying, Mitsubishi Electric knows that it is not the most energy efficient to focus on only air speed to improve performance. Instead, Jet Towel evolution has proceeded along the more sensible route — researching smarter nozzle designs and striking the right balance between air speed and volume for greater drying efficiency. Throw in the high quality and long reliability that Mitsubishi Electric is known for, and you’ll find a no-brainer investment.


  • 300mm wide.
  • 219mm front to back.
  • 670mm high.

Technical Specification

  • Operating voltage: 220-240V.

High Mode

  • 720W (unheated only) - 1240W (heated).
  • Drying Time: 11-13 (sec) unheated - 9-11 (sec) heated.
  • Noise 59(dB).

Standard Mode

  • 550W (unheated only) - 1070W (heated).
  • Drying Time: 13-15 (sec) unheated - 11-13 (sec) heated.
  • Noise 56(dB).
  • Motor type: Brushless DC.
  • Net weight: 11kg.