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Infection Control Hand Wash Unit For Coronavirus

Infection Control Hand Wash Unit For Coronavirus covid 19 hand wash unit dimensions

Coronavirus Infection Control Hand Wash Unit

Product Code ICHWU

The stainless steel infection control hand wash unit has been designed to to offer a freestanding hand wash station. It has been supplied and used to assist medical staff in the new Nightingale Hospitals with the important task of hand washing. Manufactured to be freestanding to allow installation into open areas with no wall space. The length of 500mm has been chosen to give ample hand, wrist and arm washing room whilst minimising the footprint of the unit. The troughs are supplied complete with a support frame, an integral splashback incorporating a paper towel dispenser and two Carex style soap dispenser pump holders (one can be used for sanitiser) and a 38mm flush grated waste fitting. The infection control units are designed to provide a quick and simple hand washing solution for areas where hand hygiene is critical.

Alternative models are available without the rear splash back, or just a wall mounted trough basin.

Supplied with a single 35mm tap hole.

We have been asked to find solutions to help our frontline NHS staff in their battle to help the population through the Coronavirus / Covid-19 outbreak and we are working hard to support the heroes of our medical profession.

  • 1.2mm thick stainless steel.
  • 500mm long for single user.
  • Stainless steel support frame.
  • Single 35mm tap hole.


  • 500mm long.
  • 1250mm high.
  • 435mm front to back.
  • 150mm deep trough.


  • In stock for 1 to 2 working day delivery.

Alternative Models

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