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Why install a squat toilet in the UK?

image of Why install a squat toilet in the UK?

While squat toilets are not currently used as much in this country, many people do use them when travelling to countries where these toilets are more common.

Read on to know the benefits of installing squat toilets in public and commercial washrooms including the health benefits of squatting over sitting.

What is a squat toilet?

There is some evidence that the squat toilet may have been invented by John Harrington in 1596, who was looking for a way to allow women to urinate while preserving their modesty.

The modern-day squat toilet is usually made of stainless steel, ceramic or porcelain and often has two taps for hot and cold water (some also include soap).

Benefits of installing a squat toilet in the UK

Here in the UK, we’ll find that many public toilet seats and toilets are being broken because people are standing on euro-style toilets. The repairs and replacements can pile on the expenses over the long term, which can be a very costly and inefficient way to spend money that could be invested into the business in a different way.

Health benefits of using a squat toilet

Many people claim that using a squat toilet has countless health benefits. In what way?  Well, the puborectalis muscle loosens when squatting, which creates a passageway straight to the rectum. This allows a comfortable and quick elimination. In addition to this, the posture while squatting can encourage strength in your legs and hip mobility.

Euro toilets are not inclusive for people who want to use squat toilets

Despite many people disliking squatting toilets in the UK, we need to acknowledge that we’re living in a multi-cultural and inclusive society with hundreds of thousands of visitors annually for international trade and educational purposes.

Squat toilets are a great way to show respect for and be inclusive of other cultures as it offers a choice between using euro toilets or squat toilets and here at Washware Essentials our stainless steel squatting toilet and stainless steel squat WC pan are excellent choices when installing a squat toilet into your washroom.

Get in touch with our expert and friendly team here at Washware Essentials for all your sanitary ware solutions, including squat toilets, for use in public and commercial washrooms including public toilets, factories, office washrooms areas, school toilets, pubs, and nightclubs.